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E2E Tests Guide

E2E tests are written using Ginkgo.


This test suite assumes that an Argo Rollouts Manager is installed on the cluster or running locally.

The system executing the tests must have following tools installed:

  • kubectl client

There should be a kubeconfig pointing to your cluster, user should have full admin privileges (i.e. kubeadm).

Run e2e tests

Run the controller:

make install run

In a separate window/terminal, run the tests against the controller:

make test-e2e

Running single tests

Sometimes (e.g. when initially writing a test or troubleshooting an existing one), you may want to run single test cases isolated. To do so, you can use the ginkgo CLI utility. It is also possible to use 'go test'.

ginkgo -r -focus "(name of test)" tests/e2e

# Example:
ginkgo -r -focus "Reconcile is called on a new, basic, namespaced-scoped RolloutManager" tests/e2e