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Manual Installation using kustomize

The following steps can be used to manually install the operator on any Kubernetes environment with minimal overhead.


Several of the steps in this process require the cluster-admin ClusterRole or equivalent.


By default, the operator is installed into the argo-rollouts-manager-system namespace. To modify this, update the value of the namespace specified in the config/default/kustomization.yaml file.

Deploy Operator

make deploy

If you want to use your own custom operator container image, you can specify the image name using the IMG variable.

make deploy

The operator pod should start and enter a Running state after a few seconds.

kubectl get pods -n argo-rollouts-manager-system
NAME                                                  READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
argo-rollouts-manager-controller-manager-65777cf998-pr9fg   2/2     Running   0          69s


Once the operator is installed and running, new RolloutManager resources can be created. See the getting started guide to learn how to create new RolloutManager resources.


To remove the operator from the cluster, run the following comand. This will remove all resources that were created, including the namespace.

make undeploy